Wear your new smile

What is SmileForm?

SmileForm treatment is the process of correcting irregularities in the teeth area using thin transparent splints, instead of braces. When braces are properly used, teeth gradually move to the desired position, which we have designed through computers. This treatment is preferred by adolescents and adults who want to correct their smile in modern ways.

Our experience in combination with SmileForm braces guarantee to “align” even the most demanding teeth cases! A good result means a wide and elegant smile to us.


No one will notice that you are wearing braces!


Made by dental technologists, smooth and comfortable.

You can remove it

Forget brushing difficulties and dietary restrictions. Life goes on. The recommended for wearng the aligner is 22 hours per day.


Get a prettier smile in just 6 months by changing the aligner every ten days.


The elastic material of our aligners is clinically proven to control tooth movement and perform better than other clear aligner materials.

For adolescents (13 to 18 years old)

Make your child’s life easier by avoiding the daily hassle at school or in their daily tasks, by avoiding braces.

For adults

Make your life easier, at work and throughout your daily activities. Don’t let your dental treatment stop you.

SmileForm Night10

If your daily life is too demanding and makes it difficult for you to support the treatment, SmileForm Night10 is the solution you need.


Our company operates in the field of manufacturing very thin, transparent, 3D digital technology splints. The application of the splints is carried out exclusively by dentists who have been specially trained for that.

The cooperating dentists determine the cost of each treatment which varies depending on the severity of each incident.


Thousands of people have transformed their smile with Smileform aligners.

Changing aligners every 10 days is recommended for all SmileForm treatments. Treatment duration varies – depending on the patient’s needs as determined by the dental practitioner.