For adults

Smileform transparent braces enable adults to get straight teeth, avoid metal braces, and shape the flawless smile they desire in just 6 months, in case they use the 10-day brace.


Invisible braces


Wide and elegant smile


Easy removal during treatment


No tooth or gum pain.


Defined, virtual treatment plan for your teeth from the begging to the end.

Every adult with orthodontic anomalies wants their immediate correction in the most painless way and without sensing that the treatment is taking place. The evolution of orthodontic treatment with state-of-the-art technologies offers the ideal solution: Smileform transparent braces. Thus, every adult may get an impressive smile immediately, comfortably and without inhibitions.

Smileform braces for adults do not injure the lips or gums and can be easily removed. Throughout the treatment, adults have the opportunity to:

1. Brush their teeth and take care of oral hygiene.

2. Maintain their daily habits and activities without restrictions at work or socially.

3. Visit the orthodontist less regularly (about every 6 weeks).

If you are an adult and your teeth have not been straightened by now, this is the solution you need: SmileForm braces. You will not even feel like you are going through an orthodontic treatment!

For a guaranteed, wide and elegant smile, search for a certified dental technologist who can help you with the Smileform method. It is worth searching.


For adults


The cost of treatment is determined upon consultation with your doctor. Lump sum payment, installments, and debit /credit card are accepted methods.

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