For adolescents

With Smileform transparent braces every adolescent can get the ideal smile in just six months as long as 10-day brace changes are applied. The application is extremely precise and pain is less. Adolescents will be able to keep up with their activities and plan their future without distraction.


Invisible braces


Wide and elegant smile


Easy removal during treatment


No tooth or gum pain.


Defined, virtual treatment plan for your teeth from the begging to the end.

Adolescents want to follow trends, especially when it comes to appearance. That’s why most of them choose to correct any dental anomalies in order present themselves in the most comfortable and simple way. SmileForm method of transparent braces is a sophisticated and state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment. Through a comfortable and painless procedure, everyone gets the carefree smile that suits all adolescent ages.

SmileForm braces do not injure the lips or gums and can be easily removed. Therefore, throughout the course of treatment, adolescents have the opportunity to:

1. Brush their teeth and take care of oral hygiene.

2. Keep up with daily habits and activities (sports, dance, etc.) as well as their eating habits.

3. Visit the orthodontist less regularly (about every 6 weeks).

Smileform is the ideal treatment method for any adolescent (aged 13 and above) who bears orthodontic problems – as long as all of the teeth have erupted.

Contact a certified orthodontist to learn more. Don’t waste your time, it’s worth it!



For adolescents

The cost of treatment is determined upon consultation with your doctor. Lump sum payment, installments, and debit /credit card are accepted methods.


For school

For daily activities

For meals