SmileForm Night10

For many people, wearing clear orthodontic braces while sleeping feels more comfortable.

Our orthodontic braces offer a more visible and even more flexible treatment plan.


Invisible braces


Wide and elegant smile


Easy removal during treatment


No tooth or gum pain.


Defined, virtual treatment plan for your teeth from the begging to the end.

It is suitable for light to complex treatments with sparse or crowded teeth.

Clear braces help your teeth straighten while used exclusively during night sleep.

Traditional clear braces, which should be used 22 hours a day, are a more convenient, possibly faster, option for clients who need treatment for a specific occasion.

SmileForm Night10 orthodontic braces treatment is a safe and effective way to a brighter smile. You should also follow the recommendations of your dentist or dental technologist and wear the braces continuously during bedtime.

Even if the treatment takes longer than the 22-hour method, this flexible alternative may also lead to the desired result.

Orthodontic corrections with SmileForm Night10 last 10 – 18 months on average.


SmileForm Night10


The cost of treatment is determined upon consultation with your doctor. Lump sum payment, installments, and debit /credit card are accepted methods.